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The Noble Shaykh is coming to the UK

Abu Hanifah Institute would like to take this oppotunity to inform all our supportors that Shaykh Murabit ak Hajj, is much better and as restarted to teach and lead the prayers

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Shaykh Abdur Rahman weld Hajj is coming to the UK

Abu Hanifah Institute are proud to say that the noble Shaykh Mufti Abdur Rahman weld Hajj will be coimg to the UK this August, for further information please go to the Abu Hanifah Institute website

Abu Hanifah Institute would like to say thank you all the people that attended the Ash Shifa of Qadi Ayad One Day Deen Intensive Program, in Rochdale.

Alhamdolilah over 150 students from as far as London and Birmingham attended the Program. Due to unforeseen circumstances Shaykh Abdur Rahman could not attend the program due to the fact that his father Shaykh Murabit al Hajj was severely ill, We Pray to Allah (swt) to give a strength to Shaykh Murabit al Hajj and preserve him and all the Ulema, Ameen.

Shaykh Muhammad Fouad Al Barazzi attended the program, he is a traditional Hanafi scholar from Syria, AlHamdolilah the Shaykh in an eloquent and an articulator manner motivated us all. His sessions were full of Barakah (blessing) and knowledge.
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Letter from Sh Abdur Rahman

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Granada, Spain

All Praise is due to Allah, The Lord of the Universe

Dear Brother Muhammad Umar (Mohammed Amar, Director AH Institute), his Jamaat, and students of Abu Hanifah Institute I greet you with,

Asalamo Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatoho

I take this opportunity to offer my deepest apologies for not coming to your blessed gathering and this is due to having received urgent and surprising news about the illness of my father, Murabit al Hajj, and this is beyond my ability and control. But whatever is the destiny of Allah it will always be fulfilled. You may hate a specific thing, which is beneficial to you, and you may love a specific thing, which is evil to you.

My deepest grief for not coming is a hidden thing, which is known only by Allah. I was very anxious and had a lot of eagerness to see you, due to seeing you is in the way of Allah. I again apologies to you once more and many times as I can. I really hope that you will accept my apologies and realize the reason why I am not coming to your program.

In the future I am at your service, I am ready to do any service to serve Islam and the Muslims. I sincerely pray to Allah to accept my deeds and yours and may Allah help us make our actions only for sake of Allah. I also pray to Allah to end life and actions in full belief

Finally I leave you in the hands of Allah.

Wa Alaykum Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatoho

Your Brother in Islam, Who loves you in the way of Allah
Shaykh Abdurrahman Weld Alhajj

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